456,000 Ford Bronco Sports, Mavericks recalled for potential loss of power

2023 Bronco Sport Heritage Edition Robins Egg Blue 011

Ford Motor Company was the most-recalled automaker last year, and its 2024 calendar year is off to a similar start. The Blue Oval has recalled 456,565 Bronco Sport SUVs and Maverick pickups to address a loss of drive power issue that could cause a stall, a failure to restart after an auto/start stop event, and a potential loss of 12-volt accessory power.

The recall affects 2021-2024 Ford Bronco Sports and 2022-2023 Mavericks. NHTSA documentation states that “an insufficient calibration strategy for detecting sudden battery degradations during a drive cycle can lead to (a) a vehicle that is unable to restart after an auto start/stop event or (b) experience a stall while coming to a stop at low speed. Either may be accompanied by a loss of 12-volt accessories, including hazard lights.”

As of early February, Ford said it had collected 917 warranty reports, 11 field reports, and 54 complaints related to the problem. Three unverified fires have been reported, and there have been two property damage claims, but no accidents or injuries.

The fix is, thankfully, a simple one, involving recalibration of the BCM and PCM components. Owners can have their vehicles repaired free of charge, and Ford said it would reimburse costs associated with the recall.

This is the sixth Ford Bronco Sport and Maverick recall from the affected model years. In March, they were both recalled for incorrectly manufactured tires, and the Bronco Sport had another recall earlier that month for a cracked fuel injector, which could leak and cause a fire.

Recalls have become so common for Ford that CEO Jim Farley expressed regret over not addressing quality issues earlier. The problems have cost the automaker dearly, leading it to shift its manufacturing processes to include more accountability for managers and plant leaders. Farley noted that the changes had led to a 10 percent quality increase, but transformations don’t happen overnight.

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