An Evil Dead Movie With an “Original Story” Is in Development

Another film set in the Evil Dead universe is in the works. Sam Raimi has given the greenlight to writer-director Francis Galluppi, whose feature debut was this year’s The Last Stop In Yuma County, to develop an original story he brought to the franchise.  

“Francis Galluppi is a storyteller who knows when to keep us waiting in simmering tension and when to hit us with explosive violence,” Raimi told Deadline, who broke the news. “He is a director that shows uncommon control in his feature debut.”

We don’t know much news about this project beyond that it’s happening, though we do know it’s not the only Evil Dead film in the works. Back in February, we found out that an Evil Dead feature helmed by writer-director Sébastien Vaniček is also in development. We also don’t know what that movie is about, really, though it has been described as a spinoff.

These two additions make clear that the Evil Dead franchise is alive and well. It all started, of course, back in 1981 with Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead, which starred Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, a guy who finds himself perpetually surrounding by evil dead, who are surprisingly mobile. So far, the franchise has five films and the television series Ash vs. Evil Dead that Campbell starred in as well.

While we don’t know much about Galluppi’s story, the fact that Raimi described it as original suggests that it involves new characters, some of whom may be evil and dead. No news yet on if/when it will make its way to your eyeballs. icon-paragraph-end

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