Andrew Tate Teases DADDY Meme Coin 'Global Tour' After Being Cleared to Travel

Andrew Tate is now allowed to leave Romania while he awaits trial for charges for alleged human trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women. The controversial influencer then announced a world tour for DADDY, the Solana token he’s been promoting in recent weeks.

According to NBC News, The Bucharest Tribunal ruled that the former kickboxer can leave the country but must stay within the European Union (EU), after being arrested in December 2022 alongside his brother Tristan.

“I am free,” Tate wrote in an all-caps Twitter post. “For the first time in 3 years, I can leave Romania.”

Despite having to remain within the EU, Tate quickly started fantasizing about a “global” tour to promote the DADDY meme coin. “I’m free to do a tour around the world. A DADDY tour,” he proclaimed in a Twitter video, listing off locations he wants to visit, including “Tokyo, Dubai, [and] Miami.”

Tate did not immediately respond to Decrypt’s request for comment clarifying details about the DADDY world tour.

DADDY was briefly up on the day while the rest of the crypto market was in the red, but now the Tate-backed token is also down about 5% over the last 24 hours.

Last month, Tate started promoting Solana meme coin DADDY in an attempt to flip Iggy Azalea’s token MOTHER. After completing his mission, the self-proclaimed misogynist proudly stated that “the patriarchy is back.”

On Thursday, the dual British U.S. citizen outlined the plan for a DADDY airdrop which requires joining the influencer’s controversial “get rich quick cult.” After joining The Real World, a revamped version of his divisive Hustlers University, users are encouraged to boost their “power level” in order to get more DADDY tokens at the airdrop.

The Real World app was banned by Google and Apple’s respective mobile app stores in 2023. According to Vice, this came after campaigners complained that the app was a pyramid scheme that channels teens towards misogynistic ideology.

“I wanted this crypto project to be fair.” Tate said on a livestream. “If you are disappointed by the amount you get on the airdrop, you can only be disappointed in yourself. Because you could have increased your power level and you weren’t working hard every single day.”

Although this may be a novel idea to Tate, this is the same concept that most airdrop campaigns have followed—and people are often still left underwhelmed with their bag. Most recently, many BLAST airdrop participants were disappointed in the value of their airdrop despite grinding hard for tokens.

With the announcement of this airdrop campaign, the Tate-promoted token has performed well over the week, climbing 67%. But for now, these are just ideas and promises. Tate’s global world tour is currently “loading” and no official airdrop date or additional details have been announced.

While Tate awaits trial in Romania, and is free to travel the EU, there’s also a separate British arrest warrant for charges of rape and sexual assault. Romanian authorities agreed to extradite the influencer only after the conclusion of his trial in their country.

There is currently no date set for Andrew Tate’s trial.

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