Arch Manning dominates in the Texas spring game, and Jaden Rashada enters the transfer portal

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Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger & SI’s Pat Forde begin the show by reacting to the Arch Manning buzz coming from the Texas spring game. They share why head coach Steve Sarkisian has the luxury of having two future NFL quarterbacks, and what the real expectations should be for Manning.

They continue their spring game observations with thoughts on the performances by Notre Dame and Michigan. Wetzel pokes fun at Harbaugh’s recent tattoo for being too bland, as Forde projects Notre Dame’s offense to be improved in 2024.

Wetzel then focuses in on the circus that was the Ole Miss spring game, that featured a dunk contest and a hot dog eating contest instead of actual on field action. They also analyze if this version of spring football could be the future.

Wetzel later shares a clip from Next Round Live, that poses the question “Is Nick Saban or Abraham Lincoln more important to America.”

The crew shifts back to the transfer portal, reacting to former five-star quarterback recruit Jaden Rashada seeking a new home. Forde points out Rashada’s constant changing of teams from high school until now.

Dellenger later shares the background of Jeffrey Kessler, and how his lawsuit is reshaping the future of college football, and creating compensation opportunities for athletes.

Wetzel caps off the show with a deep dive on the historic career of legendary athlete Joey Chestnut.

1:00 Arch Madness

15:43 Michigan and Notre Dame spring games

35:24 Nick Saban or Abraham Lincoln?

38:33 Jaden Rashada enters the transfer portal

46:00 Jeffrey Kessler’s plight to fix college football

59:12 Joey Chestnut’s legacy

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