Brie Larson Has Good Advice for Future Superheroes

If you have ever wondered how superheroes take care of bodily necessities whilst trapped in those very tight suits, you are not alone. Apparently, getting to go to the bathroom in the Captain Marvel get-up was a 45-minute process for Brie Larson, who had to time it out just right while filming. In a new roundtable interview at The Hollywood Reporter, Larson is asked about her habit of reaching out to newly cast superheroes with some key bits of advice. “You’re a superhero mentor?” Jennifer Aniston asks Larson, who replies:

I’m the first person to email everybody because it’s very specific and very strange. People are like, “I don’t know how to do this.” Yeah, no one does. Why would you? I’ll say, “Train, because you’ll want to be as prepared in your body as you possibly can because it only gets harder as the job goes on. And really understand how to be able to go to the bathroom in your suit.”

Aniston, seeming fascinated, asks, “There wasn’t even a little secret trapdoor?” The answer is no. No, there is not a secret trapdoor, and there is not a zipper. “Get a plan,” Larson says.

There’s more to it than that—Larson talks about the strangeness of feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing when you’re supposed to be the super-cool hero—but the practical advice of “Be prepared and be able to pee” is, well, it’s pretty good advice for other walks of life, too.

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