Elon Musk Reignites Feud With Mark Zuckerberg Over July 4th Vacation Video: 'I Prefer to Work'

The feud between dueling CEOs, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, is heating up faster than the temps affecting the East Coast this week.

Over the July 4th holiday weekend, Meta CEO Zuckerberg posted a leisurely video wake surfing in a full tuxedo (barefoot, of course) while holding an American flag and sipping on a beer. The Facebook founder moved easily over the waves with Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.” playing in the background.

Zuckerberg penned the caption “Happy birthday, America!”

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The post received over 1.02 million likes in four days. Some fans even commented things like, “Coolest billionaire CEO ever.”

“George Washington could never,” one person cheekily wrote.

But not everyone was impressed by the CEO’s antics; fellow billionaire and longtime rival Musk did not comment favorably.

In a response to the video, Tesla’s CEO wrote: “May he continue to have fun on his yachts. I prefer to work.”

Musk has long touted “ultra-hard work” with reports of former employees even sleeping in their offices amid round-the-clock deadlines. Musk has also publicly said that remote work is “morally wrong.”

The two have been publicly fighting for years and even sparked rumors of a cage fight last summer after a series of back-and-forth posts. (The fight never happened.)

Wake surfing is something that Zuckerberg has long accredited to be a stress reliever and hobby when he needs to take his mind off of work, especially while spending time in his Hawaiian compound.

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“I spent a lot of time down in Kauai [Hawaii] early on,” Zuckerberg told podcast host Joe Rogan about time spent during the pandemic. “I got really into surfing and hydrofoiling and I would get up early and go and do that and then be really refreshed for my day of meetings.”

Zuckerberg’s net worth as of Tuesday morning was an estimated $188 billion.

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