How to Stay Humble Amidst Success — Actionable Advice for Self-Made Entrepreneurs

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The pathway to entrepreneurial success is often marked by relentless hard work, unwavering spirituality, and long and established relationships. Yet, these pillars can swiftly crumble under the weight of ego and complacency. Regardless of whether your bank account has amassed a fortune, your company holds a significant valuation, or you’ve catapulted into the high earners’ bracket, the challenge remains the same: How do you stay grounded amidst such prosperity?

From my own entrepreneurial journey as Founder, President and CEO of 1031 Crowdfunding, here are some actionable insights that have kept me humble in the face of success.

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Stay grounded

For some, staying grounded might mean meditation or maybe reading thought-provoking literature. For me, my faith is what drove me to get up every day and continue to try and make my business work, not just for myself and my employees but for my family as well. Knowing that the work I was doing in starting 1031 Crowdfunding was for a greater purpose propelled me forward.

If you have trouble staying focused or grounded, I recommend trying more exercise. Even in my busiest weeks as a business owner, I never stop focusing on health. Success is more than not being a quitter on your business; it also means not quitting on yourself and your health. Health, life, business and relationships are all tied together, as everything is connected.

Appreciate those around you

Success doesn’t manifest in a vacuum. There’s an entire ecosystem of support that elevates you — your family, your employees and even those who serve you. I’m reminded of this when I take a look at the team I have built at my company, as well as every time my family and I walk into a luxury store or a car dealership in Orange County. The smiles, the assistance, the warmth — we should never take these gestures for granted. After you wind up successful and in a very different place from where you first started, never lose gratitude. When someone opens a door for you, literally or figuratively, take time to thank them for their kindness.

Help the community

Having a successful business provides an incredible opportunity to give back. Whether it’s through charitable donations, sponsoring local events or mentoring budding entrepreneurs, investing in your community not only enhances its well-being but also keeps you connected to the bigger picture of helping others.

While growing up in Puerto Rico, New York City and Southern California, I experienced firsthand some of the difficulties life can bring. My faith in God pulled me through, and now I believe in paying it forward by getting involved with local goodwill efforts in Orange County. For younger entrepreneurs who might be struggling financially while building a new business, volunteering with any free time you might have, even if it’s just one day a year, is a great substitute for giving any sort of donation or monetary pledge. It’s also a manageable way to make a small impact and feel good about the work you’re doing, which serves not only those you are helping but also your own self-esteem and self-worth.

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Find a financial advisor

Staying humble also means being prudent. An expert financial advisor can provide invaluable insights into managing, growing and preserving your wealth. Whether you are a serial entrepreneur or a first-time business owner, leading and managing a business is challenging and expensive. By allowing someone else to guide you, you admit that you don’t have all the answers, fostering humility.

Many entrepreneurs are convinced they can save money by handling their own finances instead of paying an advisor, but the truth is, most don’t have the time to properly do research, invest and watch the markets each day. So, relying on an accredited advisor is key to freeing up time so you can focus on building your business and attracting more customers or clients.

Embrace your roots

Irrespective of the heights you might attain, it’s essential to remember where you began. Your roots, your initial struggles, the first taste of success — all these moments helped shape your journey. Clinging to these memories ensures that success doesn’t blur your vision or lead you astray.

Knowing where I came from has created an appreciation of where my team and I are today and reminds me that without the clients who entrusted us in the very beginning, we would not have been able to achieve what we have.

Bringing it all together

In conclusion, while the world may celebrate your achievements and accolades, remaining humble ensures these accomplishments don’t overshadow your true essence. After all, true success lies not just in the success achieved but in the legacy and character we leave behind, as business owners, employers, family members and friends.

Growth only happens when you challenge yourself, so I encourage fellow and aspiring entrepreneurs to prepare for the ride ahead and remember to stay grounded once you achieve your dreams.

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