Hurry up if you want a Cadillac V 20th anniversary Christmas ornament

cadillac v series christmas ornament

Cadillac launched an entire line of limited-edition accessories to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the V Series of cars (and SUV!). Fans of the classics can go for the Gen 01 t-shirt that costs $40, those who favor Blackwings can go for for the fitted hat that also costs $50, super subtle fans might pick up two pairs of V-series socks for $50, anyone who wears their heart on their sleeve might try the V-Performance Patches at $60 apiece. Christmas isn’t far away, though, and this 20th anniversary holiday ornament will make anyone’s tree faster, louder and more sparkly. Cadillac teamed up with Crash Jewelry for the bauble, the jewelers regularly creating collections made from the recycled sheetmetal from luxury cars. The setup is fantastic, Christi Schimpke grabbing scraps from her husband’s collision repair facility, then retiring to her shop inside the facility for some colorful creativity.

Crash made 150 ornaments. At the time of writing, only nine remain, each costing $150. If you want one, better move as fast as a V to get one.

We don’t know if the ornaments came from a crashed Caddy, but each ornament is made “from Blackwing steel in exclusive Chartreuse Metallic.” Measuring five inches long by 2.75 inches wide, a V-like badge with the 20th anniversary logo on the back hangs in the center of a spiral of steel with the Cadillac wordmark. Each gets its own VIN as well, with numbers in the 30s and 40s left at the time of writing.

Other treats remain if the Christmas trinket is no more, and anyone who wanted the $3,500 V-Series Classic Chrono should probably set up an alert on eBay. Turns out there’s also a thriving market in V and Blackwing Christmas ornaments on Etsy, and there’s always a trip to Crash Jewelry for those who want their trees to shine with as much luxury metal as a dealership.

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