May Horoscope 2024: What the Full Moon in Sagittarius Means For Your Sign

This month’s New Moon on May 7-8 was the luckiest New Moon of the year, and the positive energy continues to flow with the upcoming Full Moon on May 23. Full Moons are renowned for their healing power, and this one is no exception. It presents us, individually and collectively, with a powerful opportunity to find closure and release from past experiences that might limit our present and future opportunities. As the moon shines its brightest in the sky, our emotional centers are heightened, guiding us toward this process of closure and release. This Full Moon is a beacon of hope, a time to clean your home, do cord-cutting, and take out the trash.

With the Full Moon on May 23, the Sun will be in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius. This is what I call the Full Moon of Perspective. We experience the FMP once a year, and with our conscious and subconscious minds in the signs that rule over intelligence and wisdom, the puzzle pieces start to come together. The puzzle analogy is the best for Gemini and Sagittarius because Gemini is all about the small details, whereas Sagittarius looks at the big picture. When doing a puzzle, you should keep a reference photo of what you are trying to make next to you at all times so you don’t get lost in a sea of brightly colored pieces with no idea where they should be placed. During this Full Moon, you will be reminded of the big picture. With the awareness of the big picture, consider if the pieces in your hands are the ones that go where you think they should or if you need to start working on a different part of the puzzle.

A lovely connection between Venus and Jupiter will support the wisdom of this Full Moon of Perspective. Though Venus and Jupiter are in Taurus, they sit at 29° of Taurus, just shy of the 2° Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon. The Full Moon is picking up the joy and optimism that comes with a conjunction between Venus and Jupiter, aiding in the sigh of relief that we all need right now. We have astrologically been through a couple of heavy transits over the past few months, but the FMP brings in a sense of ease that reminds us that it will be okay if we stay reminded of how our little actions contribute to a bigger picture. There is a silver lining to most experiences in life that might challenge us, whether it be a breakup that brings you closer to your best friends or losing a job that lets you focus on your passion projects.

As always, read your rising sign for the most accurate interpretations. I am sending you much love during this magical moment.


You might notice yourself embracing the art of perspective this week. You may feel a strong urge to explore new philosophies, beliefs, or cultures, seeking experiences that broaden your horizons and deepen your understanding of the world. This Full Moon encourages you to embrace the journey of self-discovery with enthusiasm and an open mind. As an Aries, you can sometimes have a one-track mind, but use this Full Moon to look outside yourself. No one is forcing you to internalize someone else’s experience, but you might surprise yourself by looking over and seeing what is going on the other side of the fence. The Full Moon in Sagittarius favors you because it encourages action and adventure, which you love. View this week as the start of a new challenge, but make sure you are willing to lay the past competition to rest.


With the Full Moon in Sagittarius, you will dive deep into your emotions and psyche. You might have some old demons rise that make you more aware of what you are holding onto that is creating unnecessary boundaries in your life. Your ruling planet, Venus, is part of the mix, uplifting your optimism and letting you know that it is alright to move on rather than staying in a comfy room, which might need an open window or two. This is a potent time for personal growth and transformation as you confront your fears and embrace the unknown with courage and optimism. You can always stay where you are, but wouldn’t it be better to be somewhere that is even more comfortable?


Partnerships, relationships, and one-on-one interactions are highlighted with this Full Moon. With your sister sign in the spotlight, you can consider how you might change yourself for others. It can be easy, as a Gemini, to shapeshift into the version of yourself that is best received by others, but it is time for you to stop living in the way others want and live life the way you naturally are. You may feel a strong desire for connection and expansion in your relationships, seeking partners who share your sense of adventure and thirst for knowledge. This is a time for exploring new horizons and expanding your worldview through meaningful connections.


Your health, work, and daily routines come into focus here. The Full Moon will bring awareness to how you need to shake up your routine to have a more holistic lifestyle. You may feel motivated to adopt a more adventurous and esoteric approach to wellness, seeking out new fitness regimens or dietary practices that align with your beliefs. This Full Moon can also inspire you to pursue work opportunities that allow for greater freedom and flexibility. Remember, you are ruled by lunar energy, so you feel Full Moons more than most. With all the revelations you might have, this can be overwhelming. There might be a lot going on, but don’t forget the big picture: self-care. If it soothes you, it is good for you.


You may feel a surge of inspiration and a desire to pursue your passions enthusiastically and optimistically. This is a favorable time for taking risks in matters of the heart and embracing a playful, adventurous approach to love and creativity. Consider how you wait for things to come to you and how you go after them. During this time, you should release your expectations regarding your passion projects and romances. Remember that the world doesn’t work for you but works with you. You might notice that you are coming into connection with some new romantic flings or even spicing up your love life as well. Remember that passion is the most important thing for you right now, so you can leave it alone if you don’t love it.


This is a good full moon for you to look back to your past and pay attention to the influences of your upbringing. Family, home, and roots take center stage here. You may be strongly urged to break free from traditional family patterns and explore new horizons, literally and figuratively. You might also notice that you are more aware of your growth since you have aged out of being so intertwined in the family experience. This full moon can bring up themes of freedom versus security within the home environment, prompting you to balance your need for independence and your emotional ties to your family.


This Full Moon sparks a lot of learning and mental energy. Communication, education, and local travel are highlighted right now, so you should try to exploit them. Consider who inspires you and sparks your curiosity, and engage in conversations with them that continue to push your perspective of the world. You might find yourself craving mental stimulation and seeking opportunities to broaden your knowledge and attitudes. This is an excellent time to express your ideas enthusiastically and engage in meaningful conversations that inspire others. You might be challenged with some necessary unlearning, but that is the point of this full moon: to look beyond what you know to be reminded that there is always something to learn.


This is a good time for finances and stepping into your self-worth. You may feel compelled to seek greater abundance and expand your resources through ventures that align with your beliefs and principles. The critical aspect of the full moon is to think about your alignment with what you have. Do your achievements and principles coincide with your values and what you care about? This full moon can inspire you to take risks in pursuit of financial growth, but it’s essential to remain grounded and practical. Ensure you don’t lose sight of the bigger picture and the pillars your worth relies on. This is where you will be challenged to ensure that your endeavors aren’t for proving a point but rather enlightening you to synchronize your material and mental worlds.


The Moon is shining on you and all that you have to offer. You might feel enthusiasm and optimism, eager to embark on new adventures and explore fresh opportunities. Your sense of individuality and confidence is heightened, encouraging you to take bold actions and embrace life with a spirit of adventure. Consider how you need to adjust your sense of self and understand who you are. This is when you might need to be selfish and be more aware of where your relationships must be compromised. Ultimately, this is when you should ensure that you are taking center stage and following the paths that make the most sense for your agenda. Let yourself be a little reckless and carefree because that is the nature of your being.


The Full Moon might be a bit uneasy for you. Your practical nature and rational approach to life might make embracing the pull toward spirituality, the subconscious, and hidden realms difficult. With the full moon in Sagittarius, you may feel a deep longing for spiritual fulfillment and a desire to explore the deeper truths of existence. This full moon can bring about a heightened sense of intuition and a need for solitude and reflection as you seek inner wisdom and guidance. It would be best if you did not get caught up in the logic of the human experience because that goes against the awareness that is trying to come to you. Please focus on the feelings you experience during this full moon and how they reveal what you must let go of. You have to be willing to let go of something to achieve what you desire right now, so don’t hold on and be willing to take a leap of faith.


With the Full Moon in Sagittarius, you can connect to what matters to you most: community. Friendship, social networks, and aspirations take center stage here. You may feel a strong camaraderie and a desire to connect with like-minded individuals who share your vision for the future. This full moon encourages you to pursue your dreams with the support of your community and to expand your social circles through shared interests and common goals. Make sure you reflect on how wide your net is cast and if you are casting it in the right areas. If you notice a friend group or social circle is barren, why are you still putting effort there? It would be best if you were willing to go on an adventure that reminds you of the purpose of community, which is to uplift and support.


Career, public image, and life direction are illuminated with this full moon as you realize what you deserve and how you want to be remembered. You may feel a surge of ambition and a desire to pursue your professional goals with confidence and optimism. Maybe you’ll finally quit your job, apply for a new one, or take on a new project that allows you to achieve what you have been waiting for. This full moon is a favorable time for taking bold steps toward your aspirations and embracing opportunities for growth and expansion in your career path. Ensure that you remember the wisdom of experience and that you aren’t caught up in the glamor of what could happen. Make sure you lead with tact and decorum as you continue to push for what you have been waiting for.

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