Narelle Robinson partners with James Brown and David Benson in Wodonga

Two Ray White offices in Albury and Wodonga have joined forces, with Narelle Robinson partnering with James Brown and David Benson to create a market-leading agency for the region.

The Announcement:

Two of Ray White Rural’s most prolific operators have joined forces in the border towns of Albury and Wodonga, taking the real estate offering to new heights. 

Narelle Robinson, who started her Ray White Wodonga office in 2016, has merged her business with James Brown and David Benson, existing owners of Ray White Rural Albury and Holbrook.

“We are absolutely thrilled to now all be under the same roof, and to have Narelle stay on in a key sales and leadership role within the business,” Mr Brown said.

“We have known each other professionally for 15 years, and have always had a great working relationship.

“The conversation started over a cup of tea and we are thrilled that it resulted in the merging of the businesses that we are already very proud of.”

Ray White has been a household name on the border since the 1980s. 

The merging of the Albury and Wodonga agencies has seen the team of 16 move into a new large loft-style premises in the heart of Wodonga.

The combining of the two teams will extend the breadth of services even further, offering rural, residential and lifestyle property sales, livestock marketing and clearance sales. 

They also have an award-winning property management department, led by Tessa Barkley. 

“We will be centralising all our support from this wonderful building that we found in Wodonga,” Mr Brown said.

“We have a tremendous and large marketplace that we can operate in here, led by the great Narelle Robinson. 

“She is a household name in Wodonga, and she is still selling and imparting her expertise and wisdom on all the other sales staff too.

“In 2017 when Stephen Nell decided to go out on a limb and give me a go with this franchise, we did the best we could for our community, despite challenging market conditions, droughts, fires, floods and everything in between.

“We pride ourselves on honesty and truly just making our clients proud. We have a dedicated team who really specialise in the area, and are ready to assist.

“We have runs on the board in the Albury area and we are looking to build upon that and grow into Wodonga. We will keep pushing forward and be a great representation of our rural brand.”

Mr Benson joined in 2018 after selling livestock on his own. 

He immediately noticed that customers automatically knew and respected the brand name and it was a conversation starter. 

“From a brand perspective, Ray White is a household name and a trusted brand, it is the number one googled real estate brand,” Mr Benson said.

“The support we get as business owners and to the staff is truly second to none. Nobody else can rival the corporate support.”

WIth many members of the team born and raised in the area, a new focus for the team will be on recruiting more promising young professionals in the industry.

“There are tremendous opportunities for growth within our business, at this exceptional new location,” Mr Benson said.

This will be a place that people will really want to work and be a part of, keeping Ray White at the forefront of everyone’s minds throughout our market.”

Ray White Rural Chief Executive Officer Stephen Nell said that this was a natural progression for the brand within the Albury-Wodonga region and that he was incredibly proud of all involved.

“With over 50  years of combined experience in the real estate industry, James, David and Narelle bring a wealth of knowledge to our communities and will only grow stronger as one,” Mr Nell said.

“We are thrilled that they have taken this step to join forces, and it further proves the strength of our brand in our rural centres.”

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