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‘Notcoin’ Game Token Is Launching Soon—Here's How the Claim Works

After amassing some 35 million players in the first three months of this year, viral Telegram-based game Notcoin is gearing up to launch its NOT token on The Open Network (TON) in the coming days. And now we know what to expect from that launch.

Notcoin’s NOT token was expected to launch by the end of April, co-creator Sasha Plotvinov told Decrypt’s GG at Token 2049 Dubai last week. And there will be three key options for handling your funds from there, he explained.

While the game’s “mining phase” ended on April 1 in preparation for the token launch, Notcoin will bring back its coin-tapping gameplay after the token generation event (TGE). There will be some changes to the model, as Decrypt’s GG has previously detailed, but players can earn tokens by engaging with partner content within the game.

Once the token launches, there will also be incentive for players to not withdraw their tokens. He told Decrypt’s GG that there will continue to be opportunities to spend the token within the game to unlock certain opportunities or additional access.

“Once you go with the listing, with the TGE, we basically unlock our next phase application in Notcoin, which also will allow users to use their Notcoins to have some better tiers, better access, [and] better things,” Plotvinov said.

He expects that a “meaningful amount of audience” will stick around and keep playing, and potentially utilize their tokens within the game. But for those who do want to withdraw their NOT tokens on The Open Network, there will be two main ways to receive their coins.

One will be to withdraw the tokens to an account on a centralized exchange. He didn’t specify which exchanges will support NOT at launch, and a Notcoin representative did not immediately clarify when contacted by Decrypt for this article.

If you’d prefer to withdraw your NOT to a supported self-custody wallet, that will also be an option. In either case, the Notcoin team at Open Builders is aiming to make it a smooth process—which was cited as a key reason for the token’s delay in the first place.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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