Orphan Black: Echoes Arrives in June

Clone Club: we’re back! Or at least we will be in June, which is when the Krysten Ritter-starring Orphan Black sequel Orphan Black: Echoes premieres. The series has a new teaser, sort of; this is pretty much the previous teaser, just shorter, and with the date added at the end. But AMC has bestowed upon us a short synopsis:

Set in the near future, Orphan Black: Echoes takes a deep dive into the exploration of the scientific manipulation of human existence. It follows a group of women as they weave their way into each other’s lives and embark on a thrilling journey, unravelling the mystery of their identity and uncovering a wrenching story of love and betrayal. Ritter plays Lucy, a woman with an unimaginable origin story, trying to find her place in the world.

This is extremely in keeping with the plot of the original series, which starred the incredible Tatiana Maslany as a whole bunch of clones who discovered a whole bunch of secrets about their origins. But how far in the near future are we? Could anyone from the previous series turn up? Is that too much to wish for? What is Helena up to these days, anyway?

Echoes also stars Keeley Hawes, Amanda Fix, Avan Jogia, Rya Kihlstedt, and James Hiroyuki Liao, with Reed Diamond in a recurring role. Anna Fishko (Fear the Walking Dead) is creator, writer, and executive producer on the series, and original Orphan Black co-creator John Fawcett is on board as director. The opening titles feature Julien Baker:

Orphan Black: Echoes premieres June 23rd on AMC, AMC+, and BBC America. icon-paragraph-end

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