Taylor Swift Might Be the Most Powerful Person in Travel

And Then There’s the Super Bowl

This coming weekend, Taylor Swift x Super Bowl LVIII will provide some zeitgeisty lightning-in-a-bottle that businesses and marketers can only dream about. It will cross generations and genders.

Television advertisements for Sunday’s game were sold out by last November – early in the Swift/Kelce courtship and long before the Chiefs were a lock for the big game. The going rate then was $7 million bucks for a 30-second spot. That looks like a bargain now. 

Online travel agency Booking.com, which advertised during The Eras Tour movie, has a spot during the Super Bowl. It expects record breaking ratings given Swift’s likely appearance. 

“This year, advertisers (and the sport!) get an added bonus of potentially reaching new audiences, especially Gen Zers, given one famous face in particular who will no doubt be in attendance,“ says Booking.com’s chief marketing officer, Arjan Dijk, noting Swift also had an extraordinary impact on travel and local economies last year.

The Hollywood Reporter believes Swift’s presence could boost ratings by a staggering 15 million viewers.

And yet there are still so many questions around Swift and the Super Bowl – most of which have significant play with overseas prop bet shops: How many times will we see Swift during the game? What will she be wearing? Will she even be able to get there with a concert on the other side of the world the day before?

map Taylor Swift

Yes. That’s actually a question! 

But, deep breath, we at Skift are here to help. Self-identified Swifie and Skift airline reporter Meghna Maharishi (and even the Japanese Embassy) reports Swift can get from her Tokyo show to Vegas in her private Dassault Falcon 7X.

Here’s the math: Swift’s show is scheduled for 6pm local time on February 10 at the Tokyo Dome. That’s 17 hours ahead of Las Vegas. It will take Swift’s Dassault Falcon 7X, flying at an average speed of 550 MPH, 13 hours to get to Vegas. That’s plenty of time to attend the 3:30pm PT game on February 11th.

And lucky for businesses, Swifties seem to feel there’s no such thing as too much Taylor. 

Michelle Basiorka, who hosts a short-term rental called The Swiftie Shangri-La in Nashville, has traveled to see the Eras Tour in five different cities – Vegas, Nashville, Chicago, Minneapolis and Los Angeles. 

Is she sick of it yet? That was asked and answered with an emphatic, “No!”

Basiorka currently has tickets for the Eras Tour in Amsterdam in July.

Sarah Kopit is editor-in-chief at Skift. Contact her at [email protected]
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