The New Deadpool and Wolverine Trailer Introduces a Most Intriguing Villain

We’ve had post-credits scenes, we’ve had unexpected mutant powers, we’ve had that bit in Multiverse of Madness with Professor X. But now we—in the sense of Disney and the MCU—are all in on the X-Men. Welcome, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds); welcome, some other, even grumpier Wolverine (Hugh Jackman); welcome, Cassandra Nova (Emma Corrin), who appears in this new Deadpool and Wolverine trailer and immediate smashes Wolverine into the floor. As one does, if one is, well… her.

Cassandra is an early-2000s Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely creation with a very, very troubled relationship to Charles Xavier. (If you aren’t familiar with her backstory, maybe don’t read up on it; the Deadpool take is sure to be entertaining. And probably upsetting.) What her arrival means for the X-Men and the MCU should be very interesting—if it doesn’t all just get wiped away in some multiversal hijinks.

According to Variety, Deadpool and Wolverine “sees Deadpool arrive in the MCU after being kidnapped by the Time Variance Authority, the multiverse manager last seen in Loki, and finding himself in the same world as the Avengers.”

This movie is the first time this Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) gets to play in the same universe as the Avengers and the X-Men, as Disney bought 20th Century Fox in the years since the last Deadpool movie. (See also: the giant 20th Century Fox logo toppled in the desert in this trailer.)

It’s always nice to see Wolverine getting picked up in a bar, even if he’s having a very bad time of it. Deadpool and Wolverine is directed by Shawn Levy, and is in theaters July 26th. icon-paragraph-end

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