The Watchers Have Their Eyes on Dakota Fanning in Ishana Night Shyamalan’s Debut Film

Very few things involving two-way mirrors are good, and the big mirror in The Watchers, the directorial debut of Ishana Night Shyamalan, is no exception. When Mina (Dakota Fanning) finds herself stranded (with her bird!) in an Irish forest, there are noises, vibrations, weird happenings—and a door. She has five seconds to get inside before something bad clearly happens.

The Watchers is produced by M. Night Shyamalan; Ishana is his daughter. The movie is based on the book by Irish writer A.M. Shine. The new trailer is creepy and baffling: How is all this weirdness contained to one forest? What is real? What the heck is going on? Why does the bird kind of sound robotic? (I still don’t want anything to happen to the bird.) Does this mirror-walled room have an attached bathroom or are we in a typical science fiction prison situation here where no one ever has to pee?

In a recent interview, Shyamalan said that her film “is a journey of suspense that hopefully leads into a feeling of wonder at the end. My hope is it’s an experience that plays on that sense of unease—then takes you to a bigger, wonderful place.”

The Watchers also stars Olwen Fouere, who is really having a moment; she’s also been in The Northman, Halo, and the also-creepy-looking All You Need Is Death.

Watch The Watchersi in theaters June 14th. icon-paragraph-end

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