The Zillow Gone Wild TV series set to premiere

The HGTV series is hosted by 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer and features outrageous, one-of-a-kind homes.

McBrayer said viewers could join him on tours of exceptionally weird, wacky and wild properties that sellers put on the market every day.  

“Everyone loves to scroll endlessly, looking at all the pretty houses for sale online,” McBrayer said. 

“But I’m on a mission to find out the story behind America’s strangest and most extraordinary homes. 

“I want to meet the owners and, most importantly, see for myself what’s inside.”

Throughout the season, Zillow Gone Wild will feature the characters who have embraced non-traditional homes with their distinctive décor and imaginative architecture, as well as reveal inventive ways to market a distinctive property. 

The series will explore each home’s unique history, as well as the intriguing backstories of the buyers and sellers in nine weekly episodes. 

Each abode will be ranked on attributes such as creativity, commitment to the theme and the home’s special qualities. 

In the end, HGTV will proclaim which house is the “wildest” of them all during the season finale.  

Viewers can enter for a chance to win US$25,000 by correctly guessing which home will be crowned the ‘Wildest House’ from the series.

Zillow Gone Wild will crisscross the country to find quirky houses, including the Berkeley, California, home designed by a jazz musician, that features wall-to-wall gold accents and a pair of gold saxophone exterior columns or the historic New Orleans property that boasts a parlour lounge brimming with eclectic Big Easy charm. 

Regardless of the location, each place will offer astounding design elements and plenty of wow moments.  

Australian viewers will need to use a VPN to watch the new series.

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