Tyla Sexes Up the Exposed Bra Trend In Steamy 'Jump' Music Video

Tyla hasn’t shied away from flashing her skivvies in the past but her latest twist on the exposed bra trend is not for the timid. In her “Jump” music video, the South African hitmaker turned up the temperature on her signature throwback, 2000s-inspired style in a big, big way.

The video, which also features Gunna and Skillibeng, sees Tyla treat her hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa to a lively street party full of steamy looks. She kicks off the visual in a red, white, and yellow bikini top from I Am Gia—all perfectly layered on top of the next, of course—while reciting the now TikTok viral line “They’ve never had a pretty girl from Joburg/See me now, and that’s what they prefer.” She paired her triple-layer bra top with matching white I Am Gia hot pants and an exposed whale tail thong for good measure. The Grammy winner continued to turn up the heat on her layering experiment. She then changed into a bold and bright outfit consisting of an ultra-cropped shirt worn below a pair of pink and lace bras. Down below, she rounded things out with multi-color mini shorts, some knee-high tube socks, and a gargantuan fur hat.

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Elsewhere, Tyla re-upped her passion for baggy cargo pants with a helping hand from one of New York’s hottest designers. She styled some distressed denim pants with a draped bandeau top from Luar. In a very Rihanna move, Tyla tied the straps of her silver heels around her jeans for an added flair.

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She also showed off a printed plunging mini dress alongside a pair of floral-trimmed heels. And she even made Nike cleats into a high-fashion statement, wearing heeled sneakers and a hooded black and white top.

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Between her off-duty wardrobe and her music video style, Tyla has quickly cemented herself as the force to watch in the fashion space. Her style is reminiscent of the early 2000s and musicians of years past, yes, but it’s also entirely her. Because who else would wear three bras layered on top of one another? Or pair a fluffy fur hat with a pink lace bra?

“It’s hot, islandy, not too perfect, ripped, asymmetric, colorful, fluffy,” Tyla once told W of her style. “I love boots. I love showing my waist and I love when clothes look like they’re falling off of me.”

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